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Who should write my recommendation letter and what should the focus be?

The letter of recommendation can be written by a current/past teacher or professor, advisor, employer, or mentor. Your letter should not be from a family member or personal acquaintance, but from someone who knows you in a professional, academic, or leadership setting. The focus should include specific ways in which you stand apart from other applicants and your leadership potential.

Once you submit your recommender's information into the system, they will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to log into CHCI's application system and submit your letter of recommendation.

Note: The recommendation letter is typed directly into our website and cannot be uploaded or mailed. It should be the equivalent to a double spaced one page document, maximum two pages. Recommenders will not be able to do copy and paste a PDF or an image into the text box.

I have a paper recommendation letter, can it be accepted?
Unfortunately, we do NOT accept paper letters and we do not make any exceptions. We apologize.




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